Road safety awareness is very low – NBU officer reveals

Source: | Enock Akonnor

Education on road safety regulations is very low at Asokore Mampong Municipality, Training Coordinator for No Business as Usual (NBU) Project Master Shaibu Fuseini has hinted.

The outspoken official for the European Union funded project (NBU) Master Shaibu disclosed exclusively to GHANA BULLETIN ONLINE during the celebration of World’s Volunteers Day that the menace is clearly evident in how majority of drivers who ply roads within the Municipality conduct their driving profession.

“Per the state of affairs, young boys as little as twelve years with no knowledge on road markings and other safety codes ride commercial tricycles (adedeta) in this area and some of the drivers are also reluctant to stop at the zeebra crossing for pedestrians” he revealed.

As part of measures aimed at drastically reducing the canker and the rate of road accident at Asokore Mampong Municipality, NBU Project officials and trainees on the 21st of September 2019 hit the streets and undertook a road marking exercise.

The exercise was conducted with some officers and workers of the Department of Ghana Urban Roads-Asokore Mampong Municipality precisely on the road stretching from Aboabo Post Office junction to Sepe.

The purpose of the activity was to re-mark faded zeebra crossing markings and give road users meanings to most of the signs and the need for adherence.

With much alacrity, trainees of NBU Project threw their strength behind workers of Urban roads department at the time the latter set their acutruments in motion to re-mark all faded zeebra crossings.

Agile trainees used the occasion to create more awareness on NBU Project as they distributed to drivers and passengers fliers which highlight the background, objectives and achievements scored since the implementation of the project.

Roads Engineer for the Municipality Mr Anas Mohammed described the exercise as very prudent since the marking will make the road much safer for every road user. “Pedestrians will be guided on the right place to stand before crossing the road” he noted.

He however advised drivers to slow to a halt to allow pedestrians to cross at areas marked for zeebra crossing.

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