Projects executed by HON Paul Kusi as Assembly member

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The former Assembly member of Manso Abodom, Adwumam, Brofoyedru, Kobed Electoral Area, Hon. Paul Kusi who also contesting for another term in office as an Assembly man has listed number of projects executed under his tenure.

With projects below asking the electorates to give him another term in office to deliver to his people.

Projects listed below;

1. Securing furniture, cupboards, teachers tables and chairs and dinning table and chairs for Abodom R/C primary school ( CENTRAL GOVERNMENT PROJECT)

2. Small town solar powered water project at Adwumam (Central government projects)

3. Evacuation of refuse dump at Adwumam (AWDA)

4. Telephone mast at Adwumam (Central government project)

5. Mechanised borehole at Abodom Brofoyedru ( NGO)

6. establishment of community center at Abodom Brofoyedru (Community initiated project)

7. Establishment of community center at Abodom (Community initiated project)

8. Establishment of community football pitch to standard to host gala competition last academic year for both primary and JHS (community initiated project)

9. Mechanised borehole at Abodom (NGO)

10. Establishment of private school for Abodom community (Community initiated project)

11. Supply of 50 meters to Abodom and Brofoyedru community members

12. One (1) person for community police recruit

13. One (1) person for mining guards recruit

14. One (1) person for fire service recruit (permanent job)

15. One (1) person for limited teaching recruitment

16. One person for military recrut

17. One person for police recruit

19. Establishment of 1-unit KG block at Abodom (community initiated project)

20. Purchase of 8 computers and 1 scanner for Abodom R/C primary school

21. Lobbying for school feeding at Abodom R/C primary school

22. Construction of a culvert bridge at Abodom (AWDA)

23. Supply of cement and iron sheets to all my communities

24. Purchase of football to all the schools in my electoral area

25. Lobbied for MP’s scholarship to 12 students within my electoral area

26. 2 times reshaping of Akropong to Kobeda road which was never done for over 4 years before I assumed office

27. Lobbied for street bulbs for all communities in my electoral area

28. 8 disable members benefiting from the disabled fund and still counting

29. Lobbied for my community to benefit from the LEAP beneficiary communities (About 43 people are benefiting from my electoral area)

30. Evacuation of refuse dump at Abodom (community initiated project)

Members, let’s analyse this and vote wisely. I think Hon Paul Kusi deserves another term. What about you?
Let us still maintain Hon Paul Kusi..

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