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Otumfuo is a liar – Dr. Omane Boamah

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When the late President Mills (may his soul rest in peace) pronounced that there was some ‘GREAT ASHANTI PROJECT’ that gave him sleepless nights, ordinary citizens of the land took the literally meaning of his speech to mean the monumental infrastructural projects like the SOFOLINE INTERCHANGE that was started by former President Kufuor. Down the lane of memory, the NDC led by the former President John Dramani Mahama who has developed insatiable desire for political power has given real meaning to the bigger plot.

In their latest quest to score cheap political points, decorum has been thrown to the dogs. It’s therefore not surprising to hear from the Director of Communications for NDC Campaign 2016, former Communication minister thereof, a close confidant of ex-president John Mahama who was apologetically a cabinet minister as well passing commentary without cross checking his facts. Well, it’s either such high level engagement was beyond his involvement and for that matter doesn’t know or he is suffering from TIO (THE INCOMPETENT ONE) syndrome.

It baffles decent minds, how an eminent king of distinguished reputation could be called a liar on an International platform of diplomats.

If one of the strongest appendages of the running around presidential candidate cares to know, this is not the first time the eminent KING of the Ashanti Kingdom has made this pronouncement. What has prevented TIO from coming out to dispute the claim by the King if indeed no such meetings ever took place? What would the KING seek to gain by telling lies on such a platform when the KING was not oblivious of the fact that the veracity of his claims could easily be ascertained or otherwise by the intel agencies with interest in Ghanaian elections? Or is this part of the calculated attempt to halt your supposed great Ashanti project? Whiles in power, you and party hierarchy kept singing praises to the same person whose integrity you tend to dispute. Indeed, your attitude is that of easy come, easy go.

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We are not surprised at all by these pronouncements after all, whenever Ghanaians tried to bring to bear your wrongs, you responded with YENTIE OBIAA, after disrespecting the entire ASHANTI KINGDOM by calling us Ingrates who would not appreciate it when Kumasi roads were to be tarred with Gold by the TIO John Mahama, these same babies with sharp teeth are driving towards, throwing tantrums without taking into cognizance how their arrogance denied them political power in 2016. We would want to remind them that, if tribal persecution is what they want to campaign on come 2020, we can assure them that they are on the path self-destruction. This is a real dance with death.

The only shocking surprise is that the former president and the NDC’s Presidential Candidate has not seen any wrong with the apologetic behavior of his crafty king. I hear he is also claiming same. However, caution is here served to Dr. Omane Boamah that, should their shameless presidential candidate visit the MANHYIA PALACE in their quest of selling their stinking and unprogressive deceitful messages to the people of Ashanti Region, he dares not join as there would be no need to come and listen to more ‘lies’.

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We shall henceforth resist the banality of NDC and the calling of the Ashanti kingship- a sacred institution- as lying!!!! Krobea Asante Kotoko call to war and we will banish the NDC and its cohorts from this region to show that our king our institution our collective soul keeper is not a lie!!!!!

By: DENNIS KWAKWA – 0208226216/0242517547

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