Old Tafo Primaries: DR Serwaa Donkor worships with Muslim Community

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Following a successful vetting Dr Serwaa Donkor, now named Hajia Saratu by the Chief Imam and Council of Zongo Chiefs headed by Sarki Zongo (Chief of Tafo Zongo) joined her muslim brothers and sisters for ju’maa prayers at Tafo central mosque to offer gratitude to her creator.

For it’s said in the (Quran 14:7), *And remember when your lord proclaimed, ” if you are grateful, I will surely increase you in favour”*.

As a fervent Christian believer, she has always been appreciative of oodles of blessings bestowed upon her.

Guided by her experienced leadership in serving humanity, she also took the opportunity to foster the peaceful co-existence between these diverse faiths.

She sought for a special prayer for the entire NPP fraternity from the Municipal Chief Imam and Council of Zongo Chiefs present. She also sought for God’s protection and guidance to gird her loins moving forward.

The Municipal Chief Imam after having prayed for her, named her *Hajia Saratu* ( Dr Hajia Saratu Serwaa Donkor).

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At the end of these interactions, some items were donated to the mosque. The Chief Imam and the Council of Zongo Chiefs thanked their daughter for her kind gesture.

#SomPa Nie, Yie Die Nie
*Team Dr Hajia Saratu Serwaa Donkor*

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