NPP Juaben Cons: Group Petition’s General Secretary Against the Imposition Of PC

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THE PLATFORM is a conglomerate of intellectuals drawn from all the three zones of the Juaben Constituency, (namely; Juaben, Bomfa and Whereanum) of the Ashanti Region of the Republic of Ghana. Our membership comprises valid card bearing members of the NPP, some of whom are past and current polling station executives, Electoral Area Coordinators, Former Constituency Aspirants, Former and current Assembly members, Student activists, Researchers as well as independent-minded young and old influential voters of the Juaben Constituency.

Since nominations were opened across constituencies with sitting MPs on Monday, 20th January, 2020, same has not been done in the Juaben Constituency.

We wish to bring to the notice of your good office, the growing and pervading discontentment of the vast majority of the constituents bourne out of unbelievable speculations that, our sitting MP is to go unopposed in the upcoming primaries which decision runs contrary to that of the National Party’s, that, all constituencies must be opened up for competition by all party members of good standing and qualify as per the guidelines of the Primaries.

Whilst we concede the authority and supremacy of the Regional Party Executive decision, we wish to humbly state without the faintest shadow of doubt, that, any such decision, if carried out in the Juaben Constituency, will result in voter aparthy and may invariably affect the fortunes of the party in the December, 2020 general elections in the constituency.

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The NPP has remained attractive to all right-thinking Ghanaians not only due to the good policies we implement when in office, but most importantly, our motto of DEVELOPMENT IN FREEDOM, which in itself, serves as a motivation to all members to pursue their development dreams including political dreams in an atmosphere of freedom without impediments from any quarters.

We believe in all sincerity, that, shutting the door on potential aspirants who may have contributed immensely to the development of our party in the constituency will not only amount to injustice to our own but will potentially devide the rank and file of the Adu – Boahen Constituency.

The old perception that, Juaben will always vote for ‘anything’ that is paraded in NPP colours has been overstretched and this is the time to react and tell the world, that, in contemporary democratic environment such as ours, Regional Executive and Constituency delegates decide, but it takes the masses to actualize the ultimate.

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In the supreme interest of the larger Party, to curb a possible a possible emergence of independent candidate and to avert imposition of candidate on the constituents which could undoubtedly be inimical to the fortunes of the party in election 2020, we write to your good office to direct the Regional party to open nomination in the Juaben Constituency and possibly extend the nomination period to allow all suitable persons to test their strengths in the Primaries.

We look forward to your usual expedited action in this regard. Thank you.

Yours faithfully,
George Opoku Amponsah
*(Fmr. Assembly Member, Fmr. Polling Station Secretary, 2016 Election Day Constituency Coordinator, Fmr. Constituency Secretary Aspirant and Ag Secretary of THE PLATFORM*)

Victor Yaw Kusi (Esq)
*(Fmr. Assembly Member, Fmr. Constituency Chairman Aspirant and Ag. Chairman of THE PLATFORM)*

Ransford Osei (Hon)
*(Polling Station Secretary, Assembly Member and Rep. Of Juaben Zone on THE PLATFORM)*

Kwasi Sakyi
*(Fmr. Assembly Member, Fmr. Constituency Secretary and Rep. Of Whereanum Zone on THE PLATFORM)*

Dardom Stephen
*(Fmr. Assembly Member and Rep of Bomfa Zone on THE PLATFORM)*

The Ashanti Regional Secretary (NPP)
Regional Office

Dasebre Otuo Sireboe II
(Omanhene of Juaben Traditional Area and Chairman of Council of State)
Asante Juaben Palace

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