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His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo
President of the Republic of Ghana
Jubilee House
August 7, 2019

Your Excellency,


I write to you in my capacity as the NPP communication officer for Dome Kwabenya, as a son of the land, and as a leader in the hope that you might exercise the moral authority of your Office to expedite the needed unquestionable actions as deemed fit.

From 2012-2016, after the stolen verdict preceded by the election petition–just when the ruling had gone not in our favour (5-4), we saw a Nation that was crippled, and deviated from the tenets of democracy and rule of law. That was NDC’s Ghana.

Under NDC’s Ghana, John Mahama was a President for NDCs only.
Under NDC’s Ghana, Ibrahim Mahama was the de facto head of Economic Mgt team dictating money supply, base rate and how the economy should be managed.
Under NDC’s Ghana, Lordhina Mahama and her cronies were the CEO and managers of DKM. And when they had colluded and ganged up to steal customers’ hard earned investments they shifted the goal posts.

Under NDC’s Ghana, armed robbery and landguards were a big boom.
A land of anxiety, depression and infamous justices.
Under NDC’s Ghana, it was a lawless State. A State where rape and homosexuality were equally accepted. A corroboration of the fact when Mr. Mahama on 11th July, 2012, during his book launch, ‘My First Coup De’tat’, at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, Harlem, New York, invited Andrew Solomon, LGBT advocate to chair the support.
An indication showing that, the NDC President was allegedly in bed with gays.

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Under NDC’s Ghana, we recorded 124 hit and run road accidents.
It was an economic hell. Sheer infantile economic mismanagement shrouded in irredeemable create, loot and share practices exacerbated by witchcraft and voodooism.
Under NDC’s Ghana, it was an unpardonable super incompetent economic mockery of Ghana.
Where the national cake was distributed to NDC members Only.
Especially members whose hands and feet never met.
It was a double salary spree. But, never knew of double track.

Under NDC’s Ghana, it was the dream of every pregnant woman to cause abortion. The days when mosquito nets were not forthcoming; cash and carry was reintroduced into labour wards, and free maternal care was absolutely rubbished. A place where NHIS card holders were frustrated in order to cast a slur on the brainchild of H.E. J. A. Kufuor. A place where even the devil became a doctor overnight. An irreconcilable wickedness.

Under NDC’s Ghana, thievery and corruption were institutionalized.
Here was a State of the loudest loudmouth who insulted the most.
We saw babies with sharp teeth displaying indiscipline and ignorance at their highest bid. Uncouth boys and girls going through GOG contract documents.
Wherefore, Saglemi Housing deal had no due diligence,
Exton Cubic, PDS and Ameri were monkey shadows. The result of dumsor.

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Under NDC’s Ghana, Lordhina Mahama was the de facto Chief of Staff.
Here, She commanded and tossed about Prosper Bani and Julius Debrah to sign fat and heavy cheques without reasoning.
It was just not families and friends government but also concubines and babies with broken teeth governance.
Under NDC’s Ghana, nothing was working.
Yes, everything came to a standstill. With the intention that, whoever wins elections 2016 apart from them, then, should suffer for 9years to repair the irreparable damages.

Mr. President;
Are we ready for yet another NDC’s Ghana?
A Land led by thieves and Corruption?
Why can’t we practice same but in a more decorus and professional manner where ours will only be to allocate opportunities for our members only? And transfer (to sack) all NDC members occupying sensitive positions in government?

Mr. President, we are waiting for the day where Ghana will be called All Peoples’ Ghana but our party members will first and foremost be taken care of.

Your Excellency far too much has already been sacrificed for the future of this nation. And I must commend you for that. Pause, consider and remember how we languished under NDC’s Ghana.

I send you the assurances of my highest consideration in this journey.

I remain,
Sincerely Yours,
Sefah Ato Welbeck,

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