Mahama Should Stay Retired : Osei Kofi Writes

Osei Kofi Acquah of the CPP writes ...

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The NDC communicators especially those on social media says we should sing and jubilate as a country because John Mahama is promising that, he is going to build more universities, and they the NDC communicators think that, building of the universities is a solution to the unemployment problem we face as a country.

Let’s have this scenario, let’s admit that this assertion is right.

An established university university by John Mahama has the working force of 300 teaching and non teaching staff whose contract ends in about 30 years time when he or she goes on retirement, however that university graduates 200 students yearly, what do u think John Mahama will end up doing!?

He, John Mahama will be stock piling graduates who will end up unemployed, and will form once again the unemployed Graduates Association. How many times haven’t i said that John Mahama still has nothing new to offer!? It is the same old john Mahama who couldn’t go through proper recycling, who has been made-up, dressed in new clothes and shoes with same level of thinking and ideas.

Same old dumsor mentality
Planting trees in the dry season
Watching in folded arms establishment of ponzi schemes who will pose as banks just to dupe Ghanaians
Cancellation of teacher and nurses trainee allowances
The show of super incompetence
The list goes on, you can add yours

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