Liberal Party of Ghana to Put Ghana at the Center of the Knowledge Economy

Liberal Party of Ghana to Put Ghana at the Center of the Knowledge Economy

The LPG Government will make Ghana emerge as Knowledge Economy by 2024.

To achieve this, we will invest heavily in building and strengthen Ghana’s position in software development and IT hardware industry. We will also expand our share in employment-intensive IT-enabled services across the value spectrum through enterprises like call centers and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) centres.

The LPG sees Ghana emerging as a preferred service provider to the world in an ever-widening range of services, including high-paying professional services of teachers, doctors, lawyers, managers, accountants, and scientists. We will fully support bio-technology sector. We will also strive to develop Ghanaian businesses in other frontier areas of technology, such as micro-electronics, nanotechnology, new materials, etc.

To achieve these ends, we have to make Ghana a front-ranking nation in scientific and technological R&D. Partnership between Ghanaian businesses, universities and other government-supported research institutions will be vastly expanded. We will actively encourage more foreign companies to set up their R&D centers in Ghana or start joint R&D activities with Ghanaian entities. Our professionals and entrepreneurs would be encouraged to participate in this partnership.

*Election 2020 campaign and elect Kofi Akpaloo as president of Ghana 🇬🇭 *

*LPG:* More Power
*LPG:* More Jobs, More Money
*LPG:* More Fire 🔥 🔥 🔥
*LPG:* Yenko nkoaa

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