I will work to Achieve visions of My People…..Aspiring Assemblyman Snarls

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As the contest of District Assembly election is getting hotter for some of the aspirants to showcase their visions for the electorates to decide nationwide coming December 17th, the aspiring assemblyman for Manso Abodom,Brofuyedu and Adwumam electoral area, Elder Ruben Boateng in an interview with the media has outlined his vision to improve the development of these communities.

According to him leadership is all about serving your people and not allowing people to serve you which he promised to serve his people in every aspect in order to improve the lives of the electorates.

He opined that the time has come for the good people of Abodom,Brofuyeduru, Adwumam and Kobeda to bail themselves from autocratic ruling which had made people suffered from slapping and stabbing and this is time for them to say no to such diabolical act.

Throwing more light on his campaign messages, Ruben Boateng who doubles as the elder of Apostolic Church of Ghana indicated that “discipline is the hallmark of every nation’s development and as leader you must be well disciplined in terms of all manners and this is what I stand for. Respecting one’s self and another paves way for law and order to rule. As a leader, you must be calm and respect the views of all and sundry without any discrimination,Suggestions and opinions by all must be welcomed and handled accordingly”

He emphasized about the need of ensuring Value for money.
“As a community we must be abreast with the financial status every now and then. Every project created must be disclosed to the entire community in terms of its funding. Accountability is of essence when it comes to Value for money. A leader shall account for all his financial obligations being it revenue received or expense made. Transparency should be prevailed in every aspect of a leader’s administration and that is what is going to be happening under my leadership”

He excavated that development which is the back bone of every nation which every community is yearning to develop in terms of infrastructural projects adding that Development can’t be materialised when the above two points have not been met or paid attention to and a nation that is well disciplined, value for its money surely gets on track when it comes to infrastructural projects. Development shall be spread across all sectors being it health, roads, education, construction of modern water closet to boast sanitation in every community, construction of chip compounds etc, will never be left out.

In conclusion, Elder Ruben Boateng as his usual humble manner appealed to the good people of Manso Abodom,Brofuyeduru, Adwumam and Kobeda to give him their nod in order to save themselves from autocratic leadership which is alien to Ghana our motherland.

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