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Your new plugin will then be downloaded to your computer. Your free plugin will now be downloaded to your computer in a ZIP file. After downloading your free or premium plugin to your computer, you will then need to upload it to your WordPress website. With Google Apps, you can bring all of the perks of Google into your blog and CloudFlare, a popular free CDN service, will help boost your site and keep it secure. Sometimes, speed up wordpress you made changes but the CDN content is not refreshed.

Keep in mind that for the website with CDN option turned On, it is obligatory to have the SSL certificate installed on both EasyWP and CDN services. The plugin is now installed on your WordPress website. You can also make your own custom design templates or get your existing website theme converted to a WordPress template. There are many people who design custom WordPress Themes that you can easily upload to your domain, to change the appearance and feel of your WordPress website.

  • Dedicated Server / Virtual Private Server (VPS) – OpenVZ might not supported (Kernel 2.6)
  • Docker-compose.yaml file
  • The reputation of the companies behind each platform and plugin
  • Check the Opacity

There are people who feel that they can create a page but they find the installation of any platform or software to be time consuming. Importantly, for more plugin-specific problems, you can also contact the developers directly on the plugin’s page via a support forum. The rest of this stuff is actually optional, so we can choose whether or not we want to do it. If you want to upload a plugin to your WordPress dashboard, you will first need to download the plugin from its source to your computer.

Many plugins will work straight out of the box, others will have to be set up, and some will just need a couple of tweaks to their settings. If you install a premium plugin, you may need to insert a username and API key before you can start using the plugin.

This key will be provided by the plugin developer and needs to be entered within the plugin’s settings. Make sure you read this documentation so you understand how to customize the settings and make the plugin work for your website. Most plugins will come with setup documentation, so make sure you read this first to ensure a smooth setup process, and to help you access the full scope of the plugin’s functionality. Most plugins will provide support materials to help you with the setup process.

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