Environmental Health graduates demand posting

A coalition of environmental health officers who graduated from three schools of hygiene in the country are demanding government gives them employment to avoid unrest.

The graduates from the School of Hygiene in Accra, Tamale, and Ho who have since 2016 been at home without employment say it is their fundamental human rights for the government to post them to the various ministries, departments and agencies.

At a news conference in Tamale, they vowed to embark on series of unrest should government refused to post them within 21 days.

Of the 1,300 environmental health graduates, only three of them have since 2016 have been given employment letters by the government, a situation they said infringes on their human rights.

President of the Tamale chapter, Issah Shaibu indicated the coalition has had several engagements with the stakeholders since 2016 but all engagements failed to yield positive results.

“This press release have become necessary after several engagements with stakeholders since 2016 to have us posted to various MMDA’s have failed to yield any meaningful results”

The coalition accused government of failing on its 2016 promise of ending unemployment in the country.

“We are sorry to bring to the notice of the government that, issues of school of hygiene graduates is worsening and polarized since 2016 till now; graduates are still in the house jobless,” he said.

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