Covid-19 fight : Hand Sanitizers and Face Masks Must Be Affordable To  Ordinary Ghanaian – Kwabena Frimpong

The General Secretary of Kumasi Youth Association and a Social Commentator, Mr Kwabena Frimpong has urged producers of approved hand Sanitizers and Face Masks to  make them cheaper to enable the poor and Ordinary Ghanaian in the wake of covid-19.


In an interview on Kumasi Based Boss FM, the general secretary of KuYA, Mr Kwabena Frimpong lamented that “before the coronavirus these products ‘Hand sanitizers and Face Masks’ were sold in a cheaper price but currently very high cost especially, a box of disposable gloves were sold for Ghc35 but now between Ghc150 to Ghc200”

He added that most of the  people cannot afford these expensive personal protective equipment and for that matter they have found their own strategic ways of making some for themselves by using unapproved material.

According to him, it is very dangerous for their Health and the entire country. “Don’t forget that, if such person got the infection of the virus, he or she can also transfer it, to you or many others so let’s make the approved  face mask and hand Sanitizers very affordable for all especially the Ordinary Ghanaian who can’t afford the expensive once.”


He therefore appealed to the Various Authority which include; the government, Food and Drug Authority, and Ghana Standard Authority to have an engagement with the Agencies or the producers to make these approved Hand Sanitizers and Face Masks cheaper for the poor and ordinary Ghanaians.


Finally, he advised all Ghanaian citizens to continue following the World Health Organization, Government, Ministry Of Health and Ghana Health Service rules and regulations regarding the prevention of the Coronavirus to enable all Ghanaians stay safe.

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