Amansie South : DCE driver, two others gun down by robbers

Unknown armed men on Monday 18th May, 2020 evening at 7pm  gunned down at least three people including the Amansie South DCE’s driver (Osei),  TVNEWSGH.COM can  report.

According to report, others were also wounded.

The group had reportedly been robbing a gold dealer at Manso Dadease, a suburb of Manso Adubia Constituency in the Ashanti Region.

Confirming the sad incident to TVNEWSGH.COM, the Presiding Member of Amansie South District, Hon Akuoko Kwarteng noted, the covid-19 team had visited Manso Daatano, a community in the District to educate the people on the essence of the weekly market could not coming on.

“Our District is a new one so we don’t have vehicles to run the area but on serious matters like covid19, the DCE gives out his official car to the team to ensure the relevant information are carried out to his people. On the way back to office around 7pm the team met the armed robbers who have already shot two innocent people and shot our driver too” PM narrated

Among the team only the driver was shot at, according to report the gun men thought the driver could have chased them out since there were other security personnel in the vehicle.

Apparently, the unknown gun men did not shot the gold dealer they went to rob rather those who do not have any connection to their evil activities.

Amansie South District has been a victim to these unscrupulous and faceless men because of its nature mining activities in that area.

The district has recorded most of these incidents been melted on the travellers whether in a day robbery or in the night.

These incidents have persisted so for long. Meanwhile the DCE Hon. William Asante Bediako has put a lot of measures in place to deal with criminals but not to avail.

The citizens have been complaining especially about the poor road networks in the district which they always attribute to be the factor of these robbery cases.

Amansie West and South Districts have a biggest challenge on road infrastructure development which would serve the government good to do something about it.

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