Akuffo Addo is running Patapaa and skopactomana administration….. PNC Benard Monah

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The chairman of Peoples National Convention (PNC) Mr.Benard Monah has revealed that the Akuffo Addo led government is running patapaa and skopactomana administration and if he continue with this style of leadership Ghanaians will give him same patapaa dance.

According to him, Ghanaians can no longer tolerate this patapaa leadership, and if President Akufo-Addo thinks he is tired he should hand over power for competent people to manage the affairs of this country.

“President Akuffo Addo Skopactatomana administration is a killer to the people of this country and we can not sit down for him with this skopatomana government” he said

Mr.Bernard Monnah made this known at the demonstration held in the principal streets of Kumasi by the Coalition of National sovereignty to register their displeasure against the government concerning the growing hardship that Ghanaians are facing.

The demonstration brought together some people like carpenters, head potters, capenters,traders and other business men who think the NPP government is not doing best to better a lot.

He said the state of insecurity has engulfed each and everyone in this country and this is a serious issue to all of us because journalists are been killed, chiefs are also been killed whiles young girls are also being kidnapping.
Adding that President Akuffo Addo should not dare to take Ghanaians for granted and if he dares he will see the wrong side of the good people of this country.

Mr. Monnah expressed his displeasure about the way Ghana police conducting themselves which he warns them to exhibit professionalism and stop doing the work of their pay masters.

He added “Ghana belongs to each and everyone in the country and no one can intimidate anybody, Ghanaians are tired of this kind of useless leadership from Akuffo Addo led government and we the citizens will resist any oppressors rule by this government. You have exhibited courage and this is a sign of warning to Nana Addo and his government where the good people of this country will show him an exit coming 2020 general elections”

The demonstration was organized by NDC, PNC and other political parties called themselves Coalition of National Sovereignty.

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